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General Pink Pistols Discussion / Why I "cling" to my guns
« on: September 21, 2016, 12:05:08 PM »
This post was kicking around in my head for awhile after Orlando, and I had to get it out, so I wrote it down on my computer a few weeks after the Pulse murders.  I didn't post it on Facebook, just because I felt it was a little too personal an insight into my head to let out to the world on a largely public forum.  I came across it saved on my computer, and just decided to put it up here because I think you guys might appreciate it.

Trigger warning for anti-gay violence.

Every time I see a news article of gay men being thrown off of buildings and stoned, or hung in a public spectacle, I don't see some nameless man in another country.  I see me being tied up, blindfolded, and thrown off a roof to be stoned to death by an angry mob.  Were it not for my good fortune being born here in the US instead of in the middle east, it probably would be me.  I imagine how terrible it must be to suffer, not just in the execution, but the anticipation and inevitability of being found out, outed in the worst possible environment, and seeing your death coming from so far away as they prepare for the public spectacle.  And every time I see this, my fists clench, my heart pounds, and for the thousandth time I swear that I will never let it happen to me.  I am reminded of why I am armed, why I train, and why I will NEVER surrender my weapons.  I promise you, if I ever die as a result of anti-gay violence, it'll be in a pile of empty smoking brass, and I'll do my level best to take a couple of those bastards with me.  It's better than waiting helplessly for a far worse fate.

The political tides may be turning in our favor now, but that may not always be the case.  Be wary of permanently surrendering a right because you don't feel you need it right now.  Gun control has long been used to disarm vulnerable populations in preparation for the worst kinds of oppression.  Even with political events in our favor, Orlando happened.  I know, bone deep, that the only person who will ALWAYS be there when I'm in danger, the only ally who will ALWAYS have my back, and the only fighter who will ALWAYS be on my side is me.  Seek allies, seek help, seek political change.  But don't count on it saving you from all harm.

Member Introductions / Hello from Quad Cities Iowa/Illinois
« on: August 01, 2016, 12:39:17 AM »
Hey, everyone!  I'm a 25 year old bi guy living in Davenport, Iowa.  I've been shooting since I was a kid, and nowadays I shoot some IDPA and do a lot of reloading and occasional long-range rifle work when I have the time.  It's as precision as I can make it without heavy investments and working mostly with AR pattern rifles.  I love to teach folks to shoot, and back when I was in college (half a year ago) I loved off-campus specifically so I could still have my guns, and I would make it a point to offer to take my friends shooting, especially folks in the LGBT community, and I think I helped change a few minds, or at least nudge them closer to the middle.

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