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General Pink Pistols Discussion / Prevent another victim
« on: September 28, 2017, 10:54:45 PM »
Missouri authorities say they don't believe the killing of a transgender teen was motivated by the 17-year-old's gender identity, despite the horrific details of the gruesome death.

Reach out to somebody you know, tell them about the importance of not letting themself be a victim to a crime like this.


Stolen from a thread on the Liberal Gun Club forum, original origin unknown to me. Anyone on the forum know this guy? I'd like to know what else happened.

Member Introductions / Greetings from Utucky
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:12:38 AM »
Hello everyone. By some strange stroke of misfortune, I'm posting this introduction from Utah. I don't know why I live here, I would never have chosen to live here, but this is my circumstance...

I recently got my first gun, a pistol I inherited, and was looking forward to getting involved with the online communities for what I hope will be a longlasting hobby. That is, until I started browsing them and coming upon posts like these:

"[I ]t is no surprise. Since many [white ] gun owners at least in part have guns in the house to protect themselves, and the simple fact is Blacks commit far more violent crimes than whites, per capita, and the study was obviously done on white gun owners only[...], then the gun owners visualization of a hypothetical intruder/attacker is mostly going to be a black man."

"[A]llowing [Mexicans] that commit crimes to be deported instead of facing punishment and giving them the ability to post bail with no accountability encourages lawlessness. Most have guns for protection so the illegal aliens are statistically much more dangerous than any other large group in America, so I don't feel its racist but just being realistic. They have like 2X the DUI rate of everyone else because they can.Also a big part of gun ownership is about limiting government, supporting Arizona is also a large part about that, Federalism/limiting the federal governments ability to impose in our lives."

"I've never tried any and I'd wouldn't recommend it as SD ammo primarily because we really don't know how it actually performs in real shootings. Though I'd also say the same thing about [removed], but it did perform most excellent[sic] on the street thug Travon Martin (expanded, fragmented and never exited his body even at near point-blank distance and stopped his attack immediately)."

As someone who is other than completely white, I knew I couldn't join any communities where posts that were entirely un fact based and openly racist could be made without being  removed and the poster banned, but that's what I've been seeing everywhere else. My hope is that the realities that the majority of the members here have lived will keep this place free of the kinds of made up, emotionally "justifying" nonsense that other places allow people to use to excuse bigotry.

As for this user name, after reading the posting rules I knew what my name had to be here. I couldn't help my self.

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