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quick intro may be good here.  Come from a very strong background in technical and human side of security.
As a Canadian, i know very well the downfall of not being able to carry and even use of weapons on ones property, so figure with respect to work arounds, you US folks are far better positioned to offer actionable advice.    I will say that for home and property use, i prefer an AR platform. KNow your weapon and practice all the time.
My contribution may be the following.

Being aware of your surroundings or "situational awareness" is number one on my list of defense weapons. 

Sizing up the opponent/s is important in understanding the potential threat to you or yours ( are they amateur punks or more seasoned goons). How many of them are there. Knowing who the leader is will help you place your bead on them and thereby increase your odds of success. Know the escape routes available to you.  Look for cover from incoming fire. It can be a car, concrete wall, column, ditch, stairwell etc.  Getting behind as much "mass" is important. Example, a street sign isn't as good as a concrete column

If you are at home, you should have a good early warning systems in place.  This can be a a dog, cat, extensive security system or better yet a combination of physical as well as electronic.  If electronic, remember they need power so make sure you have a generator or very large UPS system in place to keep them powered for a reasonable time.   If chosen wisely, you can be alerted to a person on your property well in advance of the person trying to force open the door. 

Motion sensing video cameras linked to your smart phone are good, so are buried sensors for detecting a vehicle on your driveway.  When setting up these perimeter security devices, it is important that they be chosen for their effectiveness, false alarm concerns and the ability to for you to access the information quickly. Turning off your interior home lights once an alarm is tripped will help in concealing your movements as you move around and reduce their chances of hitting you.  Conversely, having good and plentiful exterior lights turning on automatically or by you will light them up and make your next move easier.    Also, if you do have the opportunity of calling the police, you will then be able to give them a description of how many there are, vehicle description or any other Intel that will help them when they arrive or when pursuing.   Hope this has been of help.  cheers   Jim

EDC/Prepping / intro to who i am
« on: January 19, 2018, 03:16:48 PM »
came across your group from Brietbart article and  how pink pistols may attend NRA etc. Also "Lincoln conservatives and other lib or conservative groups that enjoy firearms, outdoors, etc
As a straight security professional in Canada, i welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge i have with anyone who wishes to be better prepared for life's curve balls. i do not care if your straight, gay, white black, purple or whatever. So long as everyone is open, honest and wants to do better.

I have pretty extensive knowledge on a wide range of security topics and emergency preparedness, business continuity or if you prefer the term prepping is one of them.

Gun owner of many types since age 7, so not to bad on that topic either.
One thing i always try and do is remain "real"  Be it for a private or public sector client, a friend or a group such as this.

So thank you for allowing me to join the form and look forward to learning and passing on whatever i can.  cheers

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