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Here is a link to an article in the Advocate on what happens when gay & lesbian preppers meet right wing fundamentalist survivalists:

I prepare because I know that without rule of law to hold them (somewhat) in check that they WILL be coming for me. When they do I'll be locked and loaded. I may be outgunned, I may be outnumbered, but I'm going to shoot back.

Werz Waldeau:
Your observations are not unfounded, and I know that I have also looked around for groups of "preppers" who are not also reactionary evangelicals.  One Facebook forum which caught my eye was Meeting of the Prepared Minds.  Although many tend to be knife snobs with an obsession for bushcraft, you can still get a lot of good information and connections there, and they have little tolerance for political, religious or sexual dogma; it says so right at the beginning of their group page.  Frankly, I would like to see more people in that group posting basic prep advice and less knife porn.

Thanks for the reply, Werz. I killed Facebook a few years ago, so I'm not able to see the Facebook page you mentioned, but groups such as the one you linked to that at least try to keep things from going off the deep end can be useful.

I sometimes glean useful information from some of the less reprehensible (?) "militia" sites, such as the one by former Army Ranger "John Mosby," at
He states up front that racists, etc, are not welcome (good), but will on occasion will make cracks like "if you believe that, then you're as wrong as two boys fucking" (bad). If you can get past that long enough to read and absorb, then there is A LOT of well written, almost erudite, long articles on such things as small unit tactics, rucking and load bearing, light infantry stuff, FLIR countermeasures, etc.
I take from such sources, without participating (I never comment on anything) or contributing.

Thus using my super duper Secret Squirrel methods I can use their own knowledge and tactics against them someday, or teach others to do so. Now, ain't that grand?

Well, I'd certainly love to form a group of like-minded queers in my area, but we seem to be rather thin on the ground.

Unfortunately, being closeted would probably be the best way to survive in crisis situations.  Two guys traveling together could be gay or they could be friends teaming up for safety in numbers.  Nobody would have to know the difference.

What people do on facebook is one thing what they would do in real life might be another.  You still have to remember non gays still outnumber gay people by a high margin and not all of them are going to be friendly.. Especially in a non rule of law scenario.. Lets just face the facts . People have to watch out for themselves on a large scale disaster you can not rely on Gov of any type to bail you out.. many of these preppers that think they going to bail out into the woods somewhere and live off the land is in for a huge wake up call.First off other than fed and state owned lands the others are owned by private owners. I lived in the Appalachians for 23 plus years.. We knew much of the landscape and strangers did not fair well in those areas .And at times was not welcome at all. If people think the going on someone else's property to take the owners resources is not going to fair well .Many of those places are armed encampments the residents are very well armed and know how to use them. Second if people are over running the woods the wild game will be spooked and running also.And there is not as much wild game in this country versus domesticated animals like cow pigs chickens.Third the way out of these cities will be gridlocked. A simple broke down car on these interstates has proved that a few times. Many peoples plans are just not going to pan out.Too many different things can happen and will . I stay prepared to a certain point keep a few hundred rounds for each pistol caliber and 1k + for rifles . I am not going to put much more into it than that because I have more than i can personally carry. Sorry to say If I had to walk out of this place all those preps would be a waste.Not counting food items..That i am just getting to.. House fire destroyed many of my preps and explaining it to insurance company was almost impossible..That is the chance you take preparing for the unknown.. Not even the gov has it down100% and they have much more money to throw at it LOL.


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