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ASP batons?

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Does anyone have any experience or opinions to share regarding the ASP-type collapsible batons? 

Are they effective?   Can you recommend a training program?


ASPs and expanding batons are illegal in many states for non LEO/MIL people.  Check your local laws before purchasing.

That being said I did receive some training in the USMC on their use for crowd/riot control. In order for them to be the most effective they need a proper swing so that they flex which increases the energy delivered when they strike an object. We were taught to swing for the legs, arms and torso and to try and avoid the genetalia and head. Pain compliance, not permenant or fatal injuries. They are not much use in a confined space unless one knows kubotan type techniques. 

Check with local martial arts gyms and see if they offer weapons training.

I'm preferential to Monadnock batons.  Batons require their own training and aren't really a self defense tool.

It is illegal to own and use one as a private citizen for self defense in my state.  I own one because I am a guard and have a baton license and you need to show your baton license to purchase one.  Other than without a side handle the use is the same as a regular one in terms of technique.  If you know how to use a stick or walking cane for combat you will do fine with a baton, or rather, if you are not allowed to carry a baton for self defense, some form of stick or walking cane is the substitute you need.

Yes, a baton can cause potential fatal injuries.  It is only used for compliance through pain.  You can break someone bones easily.  In general, if you are licensed to use one, you are really confined to use it on someone's limbs, and due to close proximity of arms to chest neck and head, probably confined to use it on someone's legs.  Wrongly using it is a felony so you treat it just as serious as a firearm.    If you were forced to use one you really need to file a blow by blow report in order to make sure you will not get sued.

This is how I spend my weekends:

I wonder how much of that practice would carry over to a baton?  :D

I tell ya, you get really good at situational awareness, knowing your enemy's range, and managing multiple attackers.


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