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Hi, I am an NRA certified instructor, The Well Armed Women Certified Instructor, AZ Dept of Public Safety certified Firearms instructor and a Federal Officer. If the local AZ chapter is interested, I am willing to teach. I am not sure how the local Valley of the Sun Chapter will contact me but await contact.

There are numerous techniques and applications that can be used, from car keys, to pepper spray. Batons are now becoming illegal in some jurisdictions as they are perceived as an offensive weapon, other areas don't care. They are also becoming hard to acquire and limited to law enforcement.
More than happy to discuss or teach.

Something all of us should consider is having what I call for lack of a better term, a "self defense system" that is "Brain Centric" rather than "specific tool" centric.

There has been much effort nationwide on gun laws to make the laws/rules on carrying guns more straightforward and on statewide levels, relatively uniform throughout a state. Many states have "Pre emption".

On arms other than guns however, things can go sideways, especially with edged arms and/or martial arts type arms.

Biggest problem I see is that many states don't have statewide pre emption, so even if you are in compliance with state law, you could unknowingly be violated some country or city ordinance.

I reside in California and statewide laws on knives for example aren't too horrible, but where you get into trouble is in the local areas.

And then of course they have laws on the statewide level against many items and on some items, the law is "gray" and subject to interpretation. Penalties for violating many of these laws is a "Felony" btw, so they can really cause you nightmare legal problems.

Fortunately for me I reside in a county where my sheriff does issue CCW permits, yes there are probably 100k plus of us in the PRK.(People's Republic of Kalifornia). FWIW, permit is valid statewide, even in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Right now because of the way laws are here in Cali, the only self defense tools I will carry are my pistols.
Ideally an ASP barton or nunchucks would be what I would like to carry in addition to my pistols.

Other items I would like would be certain edged arms.


I'm able to carry a gun daily, but I have a good friend of mine who lives on a college campus.  She's over 21 so would be legal to have a pistol, except for where she lives.  She's expressed some interest in self-defense.

She's a pretty slim woman, and not really combative by nature, so something to even the odds would be good, but I'm not sure what would be best.  Tasers are outlandishly expensive and one-shot devices, pepper spray has blowback issues (though the Kimber PepperBlaster is pretty good, I hear), and I'm concerned a stun gun could zap the both of them in close quarters...



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