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I like to keep a small medical kit in my vehicle's boot (ok, ok - trunk!) with supplies suitable for trauma such as a car-crash or even a gun-shot wound - no matter where I am, my vehicle is usually nearby and on the range I attach the pouch to my range-bag.

I hadn't repacked my kit in a few years so to this end I bought a new 5x7" pouch and fresh supplies including tourniquet, nasopharyngeal tube/lube, Ceelox and Quik-Clot blood-clotting gauze and powder, Israeli bandage, chest seals, etc, etc.

In a few weeks I'll be taking a tactical combat casualty medical course which is known to be stressful during the exercises but should be fun. Anybody else doing anything?

Jarrod Matham:
That's pretty cool and ingenious!

My vehicles have fairly extensive med kits inside them as well as smaller booboo kits in the glove boxes. My day pack also has a full IFAK (individual first aid kit). When I go to the range or other activity that has an potential for increased injury to myself or others I bring along my large med kit. 

I am currently First Aid/CPR/AED qualified through the ARC. I have taken multiple formal first aid and combat life saver courses, individual training with EMTs, Paramedics and Advanced combat medics. I have been meaning to take a wilderness survival first aid course.

Start the Breathing
Stop the Bleeding
Protect the Wound
Treat for Shock

Very nice indeed :)

The Patriot Nurse runs medical courses - not specifically wilderness but SHTF type stuff:

I have a few medical kits - home, car, BOB, and travel bag.  Usually I buy components and build my own. 

I thought about taking some classes, but haven't taken any in several years.  I do know some stuff from the various qualifications and annually refreshers I had to do while in the Navy.


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