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Oleg Volk
« on: April 04, 2017, 09:16:01 AM »
What do you think of his work?  He's been doing pro-LGBT gun related photography for ages, but I haven't seen his artwork mentioned here.

Gwendolyn Patton

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Re: Oleg Volk
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2017, 10:49:14 AM »
Oleg is an old friend of ours. I've never met the man, more's the pity, but a number of our more Southerly members have. Erin Palette, who runs Blazing Sword, is a close friend of Oleg's, and has done a fair bit of shooting with him. Lucky broad! ;)

Back when I was gafiated from the organization, after my car accident that broke my neck and sidelined me, the Pink Pistols had gone into a bit of a decline. People were considering it defunct, because nothing had been changed on their site in years, and even the links on the site were breaking. Oleg called me up out of the blue and read me the riot act, basically telling me that I couldn't let it die, and was I going to GODDAMN DO SOMETHING?

So I did something. I checked out the site, saw how broken it was, did a Google search to see if those I put in charge were doing anything, and they weren't. So I contacted The Founder, Doug Krick, and said I'd get it back on track, but I wanted the keys. I wanted to be the Top Dog, Head Cheese, Numero Uno. I wanted to RUN it. He gladly handed me those keys, contacted the current webmistress, and she gave me the domain and what files she had. I moved it to my own webhost (I run about a dozen domains of varying activity levels), and took the title "First Speaker", which I shamelessly stole from both Larry Niven's and Sharon Lee/Steven Miller's science fiction books. (Niven's Belters had a political leader called the First Speaker, "Lit" Shaeffer being one of the more noteworthy, while in Lee & Miller's "Liaden" books, the First Speaker is the one just below the Delm of a Clan. Since nobody would have understood "Delm" in this context, I used the next best thing.)

So yes, Oleg Volk is a wonderful human being, and his photography has graced many of our posters and such for the past 17 years -- and I credit him with getting me off my tocks and back into the game, albeit in an administrative role rather than running a chapter these days.