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RoseJRcarbine 9mm:
Hello, I am a trans woman and while I have found an excellent LGBTQ friendly gun store here in the Austin area (Central Tx Gun Works on w Ben White Blvd). I am in search of an LGBTQ (specifically the L and T parts of that) friendly gun range here in town. After all you could have the most bada** guns in the world but unless you train and practice ,they are just pretty hunks of metal or worse: more a danger to you than to an attacker, S i am hoping to find a friendly supportive environment where I can cycle some rounds through my Mossberg  590A1L, Glock 19, SCCY CXP-1, or my JRC 9mm takedown, without fear of confrontation over my appearance not (yet) matching my legal identification.

There are several members of the Liberal Gun Club Forum who are in Austin. You might try going there and asking them. They seem to shoot as a group at local ranges and could clue you in.
Hope that helps.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations.


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