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Protecting your preps


OK, this thread isn't all about hiding your stash or protecting it from the hoards of zombies that will try to steal them. Instead, it's about protecting your preps from nature. Whatever you do, you can NOT rely on anything you have stashed away with two exceptions, KNOWLEDGE and ABILITY. We keep 50,000 gal of water in our tanks and about 25,000 in the pool and the man made pond. However, one broken pipe and it could almost all be gone overnight. While we have fruit trees here, they are seasonal. We also have a few head of livestock. This is the real reason for this thread. Yea, I just need to vent. Anyway, about a month ago, we lost 2 alpacas to a cougar. That's +200lbs of red meat gone. This morning, we lost 12 chickens and peafowl to a cat (bobcat or cougar). The fowl were in a fully enclosed +3500 sq ft pen. The predator went over the 6' chain link fence and through the heavy duty netting covering the enclosure. That's a lot of future eggs and meat gone overnight. The worse part is that one of the peafowl killed was a young, rare, white peacock and another was his mother (not white) who was sitting on 7 eggs that would have hatched by this weekend. 4 of us spent the day trying to secure the enclosure better. I guess we will find out tonight if our efforts were successful or not. This post is mainly for me to vent but also to point out  that no matter what types of  physical prepping you do, it's subject to disappearing in the blink of an eye. The only things you can count on are your own personal knowledge, training and skills.


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