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Aliengear or Urban Carry?


Hello all!

I recently picked up a s&w 38 special for my new Carry gun (I love it) and am experiencing analysis paralysis when it comes to a good carry holster.  I'm the GM of a hotel, so I'm generally always in a shirt and tie. I really like the aliengear iwb holsters, but this urban Carry one really has me interested.

Do any of you fine people have an opinion on one vs the other? Or perhaps another suggestion?


I personally would not use the urban carry holster, because it just seems too hard to access and potentially dangerous.  I have heard good things about Aliengear holsters.  Another possible option if you are looking for a hidden in plain sight with dressier clothes could be the, which is designed to look similar to a phone case.

Thanks for the info! That's been my hesitation with the urban carry holster; the design is so incredible but the margin for error seems very high.


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