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Colt/Walther 1911 22 LR
« on: February 20, 2018, 09:11:33 PM »
I decided to pick up a Colt/Walther 1911 in 22LR from my LGS*

Following is the AAR.

One thing I noted immediately when I got it home was that the procedure for field-stripping was a combination of PP/PPK type of gun and the Colt Government Model. Push the recoil spring plunger in and rotate the barrel bushing and remove the recoil spring and it's plug, and remove them and the bushing. Position the slide over the stop and push/pull it out. The barrel is affixed to the frame and does not come off so the slide has to be pulled to the rear and lifted just like on the PP series. Still, the process was simple and I then put the gun back together.

The magazines hold 12 rounds and are easy to load as there is a loading device furnished with it and this makes it much easier. My LGS* has said that they will order some extra mags for me, and that will help as then I can load them while I'm watching a DVD.

The Walther handles very well, and functioning was flawless through 120 or so rounds of Remington bulk-pack. It points well and seems to be reasonably accurate in my hands. The trigger was good and the gun was very controllable, but it was a 22 rimfire, so it should have been.

All-in-all, this is a gun that I am very happy to have picked up.

* Local Gun Shop