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Chiappa M1 Carbine 22 LR


I picked this little carbine up about four years ago and had heard some negative things about it expressed in other gun fora.

And to be honest, I had a few fears concerning this carbine as well, and they, along with the shortage of 22 rimfire caused me to not shoot this gun until today.

First, a description of the gun itself. It is a blowback rifle (carbine actually) in 22 Long Rifle that very closely resembles the Carbine, US, Caliber 30, M1. It even has the pseudo bayonet lug on it. I should say that it is the Standard M1 Carbine and not the folding-stock paratrooper's model, (the M1A1).

Like many blowback operated 22's, this gun is very picky about the type of ammo it likes. At first, I tried the Winchester and they jammed more often than not, although to be fair, I just tried 20 of them and then switched to Remington, which was much more reliable. Still not quite perfect, but much better than the Winchesters that I loaded and kept in the magazines for more than four years.

Today, I finally tried it out and except for the Winchesters that had been in the mags, the function-firing went well. I didn't bench test it today, although I likely will soon just to see what I and the carbine can do. Loading the rounds into the magazines was actually pretty easy and once I got the hang of it went fairly fast. Inserting the loaded magazines into the gun was a bit tricky, but once I figured out how to do it, they went in smoothly. (The bolt has to be held completely to the rear, unless you don't load it fully.) A note: even though it says ten rounds, the magazines I have actually hold eleven cartridges.

Functioning was not flawless, but keep in mind that the carbine is brand-new in terms of actual use and it still has to be broken in.

In short this little gun shows promise and if it breaks in well, I'll enjoy the heck out of it. It is intended primarily as a fun gun. It should do admirably in that capacity.


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