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New Trainer In Oklahoma City


Hello all,

I live in Oklahoma City and I was searching existing chapters and realized that there was not one here where I live. After the Orlando shooting (I myself am a straight male) realized that a lot of the LGBT community feel like outcasts when it comes to the second amendment due to being in the Bible belt and redneck central. I believe that everyone is created equal, no matter what, and as Americans we are all entitled to the same security that the constitution allows us. I realize a lot of people are uncomfortable with guns, and I was for a long time as well. I want to simply help people familiarize themselves with shooting at a range and helping them learn basic safety. I don't charge anything, simply buy your own ammo and pay your range fee, and you can shoot my guns free of charge. If you're short on cash, I'll let you shoot some of my ammo, since I reload, but donations are appreciated in that case (since it does cost me money to reload, but not necessary by any means). But like I said, my main objective is to get people comfortable with a firearm and to help them figure out what is comfortable for them. I've helped a lot of people pick out something that suits their lifestyle/job/clothing in the past, and I just wanted to help out wherever I can.

Have a great day everyone. =)


I sincerely wish you success.  I am in Northern Oklahoma.

If anyone knows anyone in Oklahoma City, please let them know someone is here to help =)


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