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Personally- I'm not a big fan of the LGBT community on my university's campus.


So the LGBT community and the student union threw an LGBT pizza party today, and because I'm a poor college student who can barely afford ramen, I decided to go. I was talking to some of the members there, and the discussions turned to gun control. The discussion was, as you would expect, along the lines of "we need to ban assault weapons". One even suggested making it a felony to possess them. I tried to give them the impression that I'm neutral by saying "what will we solve by turning law abiding citizens into criminals?" it didn't work, they just started riling up the old "nobody needs an assault rifle, it just means you're a coward." I guess you can say I broke character by saying "well my AR-15 is more friendly than any pistol advertised as home defense." At this point I got the slip that I'm not welcome here, and decided to make an exit (not before stealing more pizza, of course). My question is, has anyone met others in the LGBT community with differences such as what I experienced? Has anyone been castes out, so to speak?? For those of you in the actual LGBT community who are willing to hear the other side speak I tip my hat to you. As a "transervative" I was honestly starting to come around to the LGBT community.

"transervative"?? Please explain what you mean.  And BTW, thanks for at least trying to present the pro-gun side.  Many modern liberals are extremely intolerant of differing opinions. 

I hope you at least got a good meal out of it.   ;D

Sorry I'm trying to make the next best term, and the "transervative" thing is just a crash test! It was Domino's pizza, so I was content!


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