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Greetings from Philadelphia


Greetings from Philadelphia, all you lovely people.

I am transgender, gay, a concealed carrier, an AR15 owner, a techie, a cyclist, a mixed-race American, and a Pink Pistol.

I strongly believe in free speech, the marketplace of ideas, diversity, and freedom of self determination.

I have been practicing marksmanship since the age of 13. Since coming out at 22, I have been very keen to help other queers learn to shoot as a hobby and a means of self defense.

I am looking for new friends, range buddies, and collaborators to help bring new shooters to the range!

Keep up the good work!!

Booger Hooked Bang Switch:
Greetings from Utah!


I moved to Philly about 2 years ago. I'm a genderqueer with similar values. I worked briefly in my early 20s as an armored car tech and am looking to get back into feeling comfortable with firearms and helping my friends become more comfortable.

Would love to meet up at the range!


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