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Trans woman in Memphis looking for friends/shooting partners.


Hiya everyone. I just got accepted into the facebook group and saw the bit about discussions being moved here.

I'm a mid thirties trans, poly, married, radically honest, woman who most gun people (the most vocal anyways) would hate aside from my belief in the second amendment and the right for all people to defend themselves from force with equal force. I don't tolerate racism, ableism, xenophobia, classism, sex work shaming, or obviously homophobia or transphobia.

I'm not new to firearms but I am new to owning and (hopefully and obviously legal) concealed carry. I went shooting a lot when I was younger with friends and pretty much live in YouTube wormholes about different firearms and safety and prepping stuffs.

I'd love to meet some like minded folks and possibly go shooting or just hangout sometime. If you dig redneck revolt, we just might could get along well. :)

I looked into the Memphis pink pistols chapter but it doesn't seem to be super active so I thought I'd reach out here.

Booger Hooked Bang Switch:
Greetings from Utah!


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