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Concealed carry ammunition


Iím interested in if any of you all have a specific way you choose your ammo

Iíve found that a lot of people tend to not put much thought into what type of ammo they carry and I think thatís a shame. I mean if you want to be able to work right you have to eat right; isnít the same true for your gun? So what ammo do you carry and why?

hornady critical duty, 135 grain, 9mm.


it has passed all FBI barrier penetration and expansion tests.  it'll go thru stuff (clothing, drywall, plywood, sheet metal, glass) and still expand and not over penetrate ballistics gel (good analog for flesh).  will go at least 12", but not more than 18".

ball ammo is only good for shooting paper, not bad guys.

Booger Hooked Bang Switch:
I've got some Remington Ultimate Defense that I'm going to start carrying.

Ballistic gel doesn't tell you what a bullet is going to do to a bad guy. There's really no way to know unless you have to defend your self. Most of us with never have to find out if we made the right choice in self defense ammunition.

it's the best analog available.

but most important is shot placement.  a quality bullet that misses is just as useless as a crummy bullet that misses.

so practice and get better at shooting accurately and quickly.

A medical examiner told me once that the ammo he suggests is Gold Dot HP.  He has found that to be very effective.


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