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intro to who i am
« on: January 19, 2018, 03:16:48 PM »
came across your group from Brietbart article and  how pink pistols may attend NRA etc. Also "Lincoln conservatives and other lib or conservative groups that enjoy firearms, outdoors, etc
As a straight security professional in Canada, i welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge i have with anyone who wishes to be better prepared for life's curve balls. i do not care if your straight, gay, white black, purple or whatever. So long as everyone is open, honest and wants to do better.

I have pretty extensive knowledge on a wide range of security topics and emergency preparedness, business continuity or if you prefer the term prepping is one of them.

Gun owner of many types since age 7, so not to bad on that topic either.
One thing i always try and do is remain "real"  Be it for a private or public sector client, a friend or a group such as this.

So thank you for allowing me to join the form and look forward to learning and passing on whatever i can.  cheers