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Where would you look for basic first aid/medical training for civilians? Not a military, police, or EMT program, just something more basic?

I'm having a hard time finding anything that isn't an EMT program.

A local gun shop near me does a lot of training and occasionally has medical classes.  I might look into local gun shops and ask if they do medical training.

For more prepper-oriented and less immediate trauma care medicine, I have a book I REALLY like called "Medicine for Mountaineering" - It's pretty much a manual on every sort of medical aid you could expect a reasonably untrained person to do and covers everything from bug bites and intestinal parasites to collapsed lungs.  It's a dry read, but HIGHLY educational.  You might check your local library or try and find a used copy online to save a few bucks.

You could start with the Red Cross first aid courses - they're $80-$90 or so:

Look to your local college. They offer EMT classes. The first bacis one will give you a great amount of info. They are Usualy straight forward and hands on.

This past weekend I went to Angleton (south of Hoston, TC) and took the TCCC Enhanced course - Tactical Combat Casualty Care - from Tactical Medics Group.

It's a 2-day $415 trauma course and covers a lot, culminating in live scenarios replete with sirens, smoke and gunshots (blank). The actors (young trainee paramedics) are moulaged and are rigged with squirting blood, etc - very intense pressure and as real as it can get.

They also have a more civilianized version called TECC - Tactical Emergency Casualty Care - which is very popular. You'll sweat and earn these certs, but the boost in confidence is worthwhile.


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